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Welcome to the ‘Net-Dom’ of ‘Handz Up Dezign !!!’


Handz Up Dezign is a website development organization that is growing quickly. In the very near future many new sites shall fill our portfolio with beautiful and functional Net-Dom’s. What is a Net-Dom you ask? Net-Dom is a pool of network domains working together to enhance site traffic and customer visibility. Many people look at webpages as a place to put their information and pray someone visits. Handz Up Dezign will work to help your domain become part of a network of domains.

We welcome ©Reflective Images to our site! Featuring a Photo-Artist who agreed to using HUD as a proving ground to test the impact of selling his photos online. Yes there are many places to sell photos online but as Dorthy stated, “There’s no place like home!!!” So for the moment this is home …

Soon we shall open more doors for others to sample or become a part of our Net-Dom here at/with HUD. One good thing about sampling, if you don’t like it you can walk away. One good thing about having your own is you can open and close the doors when ever you want, well as long as your contract doesn’t hold you down …

Thanks for your visit and do come again and help or just watch us GROW !!!